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JAND, Inc., doing business as Warby Parker, is an American online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses, based in New York City. Warby Parker primarily sells products through its website but also features retail locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Warbies has an awful service, the company charges for products that are not yet in production, which leads to late delivery, and has a vague customer service, according to a review by Richard L. at sitejabber.com

"Awful service. Warby Parker is very quick to request payment and very slow to deliver a promised product. My order, as well as my son's, became lost within the Warby Parker system and after calling multiple times while experiencing extended hold periods I learned through very vague customer service statements that the glasses were not yet in production. This is after a 2-3 week ordering period. I do not recommend purchasing eye-wear from this company. Strong on the promise, short on delivery."


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Former Employee - Route Sales Delivery Driver says

"You'll work your balls off!!!!."

Former Employee - Class II Driver says

"Working hours, workload is large, management self serving"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for, management are back stabbers and only care about themselves, I was a new starter and was sent out blind, false promises, management love to dish out unfair disciplinary’s, warnings, for literally nothing, bit of power goes way too there heads!! Avoid at all costs if you don’t want to be treated unfair and stabbed in the back Other drivers all are top ladsBack stabbing managers"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Treated like children by management, told what to do when to do it, law breaking, still using manual taco sheets complete joke of a company , if you want to have no social life this is the company for youNoneEverything"

Production Operative (Current Employee) says

"Warburtons in the last few years has gone down rapidly, understaffed and overworked, management either haven't got a clue or just don't care . Using flex hours now to take money off workers so haven't had a pay rise in real terms for years . Bullying culture in Bristol from management is terrible. I've worked for Warburtons for years and I've never seen the morale so Los Think again before applying here"

HGV Class 1 Driver (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for a long time gone to the dogs !!!!! Too easy to put drivers under investigation and disciplinary . Would not recommend unless you like working for snakes"

Mechanical Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Rushed from pillow to post for the whole 12 hour shift.expected to be in 2 places at the same time. Warburtons the family firm. More like the mafia. AVOID"

HGV Class 1 Driver (Former Employee) says

"Managers don’t have a clue also don’t care for any of the problems you have or may face very quick to discipline you no matter if your in the right the work life balance is shocking I don’t understand why they say it’s good on there job sites the job is just like any other now it’s not the great place it used to beHome timeNever listen to you your just a number"

Delivery driver (Former Employee) says

"Over worked management always micro managing told of if you don’t like it you know where the door is, take routes off to save money but still expect the work, trucks are to small can’t move to pick all your orders, long hours management are bullies like being at school, the constant meetings about stuff that isn’t needed to know as a driver, the list goes on please avoid this is one of the worst places I have worked, bread is rarely on time meaning you start late resulting in an even longer dayNoneLong hours, bully tactics from management"

Bakery Operative (Former Employee) says

"I left warburtons Bristol bakery last year and it was the best decision I have ever made. I was there for a long time and watched the place be ran into the ground by bad management and operatives that just didn't care anymore. I witnessed people being given promotions due to back stabbing others that they had worked with day in day out and brown nosing and the good operatives cast aside as their face didn't fit! Management only caring about numbers and not the people working there, your only a number and they don't care if you work there or not because your replaceable! My best advice is look elsewhere for employment, even if your desperate! How this company won one of the best company's to work for is beyond me...Honestly none.So many you wouldnt believe me."

Legend (Former Employee) says

"Worked in warburtons eurocentral for 4 years through agency and would not advise anyone to work there my brother and dad work full time in warburtons and they are trying to get another job the place is badly managed no clue how to run a companyMoneyEverything else"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"They put to much on your round, and are not bothered if your struggling as it's always your thought why your running late, I'd rather sign on the dole than work for them again.Cheaper breadEarly starts no quaulity time with family in the evening"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"very stress full job badley ran factory didn't enjoy ant aspects of this job"

Bakery Operative (Current Employee) says

"Ok this place is a dreadful environment to work in hot,uncomfortable,border line dangerous. No training structure,no chance of development,morale always low,very stressful workload,rude management. I struggle to find anything positive to say about this company.NoneStressful, awful working enviroment, de-moralising on an epic scale"

Van sales (Former Employee) says

"I worked for warburtons for over 20 years how I did it I just don’t know it’s all rush rush rush the management are a joke mostly got jobs because of family working there they don’t care at all about the drivers they know drivers are working through the breaks to get the job done but they pretend not to as soon as anything goes wrong they jump on your back don’t fall for this family business rubbish"

Driver delivery (Former Employee) says

"worked there for 2 years wasted 2 years of my life there all they care about is getting the bread out thats it, first mistake u make they cant wait to stick the boot in if your ill u may as well leave they claim to support u but in reality they dont give a care dont work there everyone i spoke to wants to leave noones happy"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"I was excited about joining Warburtons but how wrong was I? It's shocking for new drivers, sent on routes you don't know with broken sat navs. 5 days on 12 hr shifts that's why the money is good cos you have to put the time in. All new drivers will say the same. If the face fits management are all over you giving you all the easy runs."

C2 HGV Driver (Former Employee) says

"Warburtons... Baked by robots (machinery), packaged by robots (machinery) and delivered by robots (human) led by a robotic pseudo-intellectual culture of Junior Management following what they consider is a 'Team led management strategy for the future'. In reality, it's an off the peg business model purchased from Poundland. Wake up, there are better jobs out there don't be a 'useful idiot' for the Warburtons'...Telling the Senior TM that he could stick his 'Rules' where The Sun don't shine :)Ever applying for the job..."

Trunker driver (Former Employee) says

"Where to start really . Sales class 2s are rushed beyond a joke where to the point I've nearly been ran over in the yard on multiple times darts out from behind Parker trucks .CLASS 1s trunking if you take the job on you won't be told this and I can't stress this enough you will be told that your job and knock think again they will make you stay till the very end to load other people's trucks help loaders unload and reload trucks uncouple trucks re-couple trucks. You won't be told that the other class 1 12 HOUR trunkers who do less work hours and Nick your 10 HOUR runs then sit in canteen all night while your working they also get over £100 per week more get an extra day off in the week and do less hours management 100% favour the 12hour guys SPEAKING OF MANAGEMENT .MANAGEMENT THEY TRY TO RUSH EVERYTHING They cut corners at every possibility you raise and issue they can't stand it they expect you to take breaks on your tacho while your loading or unloading. None of them have a clue about hgvs or the rules defects etc they have like 12 team leaders that all pass the book to the next and would rather be sat in the canteen or smoke hut. SHIFTS say goodbye to your life 4 on 2 off on nights 1 weekend off every 7 weeks hours are all over the place Start times for night shifts 17.00 18.00 19.00 but realistically you won't leave till at least an hour or 2 after your start time and still expected to complete run in your standard hours the amount of overtime they expect you to do is a joke 14 hours some people have done in 1 week some people have had to have a dayCheap breadLong hours bad olidays for most heavy work bad trucks bad managers no social life"

Bread sales delivery driver (Current Employee) says

"You start at 0330...most get in for 0300 but god knows why cause your not allowed keys to your van until 0330 so can't load your own van till then...and yes you have to load your own van!...You also have to make up the vast majority of your deliveries too and you could have anything up to 40+ calls!! With only 6 of those having been picked for you. This is an extremely physical job...you start at 0330 and by 0345 I guarantee the sweat will be pouring out of you!...it is rush rush rush from the moment you start to the moment you finish and you will be working through your breaks illegally in order to make all the calls and finishing within a reasonable time..usually around 1230 but could be as late as 1430. The Rota you work to is terrible..absolute joke..you will not have a social life!...4 days on 2 off for 4 weeks then 5 days on 1 off for 3 weeks...which means you get a 2 day weekend off every 7 weeks...awful!....considering the hours you are starting and working it is not driver friendly at all!!....the wage you earn is ok but break it down and look at what your working for it...remove the sunday and bank holiday prepayments and it's actually not that good at all..little more than minimum wage...terrible. Favouritism is rife too amongst staff and management. All in all it is not the job the company would like you to think it is....highest sickness rate I ever known in any job i have worked previously and you got to ask yourself why!?...It's because this job will wear you out quicker than dragging a cart around with all the bread on yourself!!. Currently looking for somethingCheap bread..money is ok but kiss your life goodbye.Everything else!."

Van Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Where to start? Let's start with management they have absolutely no idea what they are doing even though they all come from the delivery role themselves. They will make mistakes and set you up to take the fall just to save they're own neck. also they will boast about how much they used to steal off the company back in the day but will sack you if you use a slice of bread without paying for it. They will also phone you constantly on your rest period to do more shifts when people don't turn up so forget about having a life. The shift starts at 4AM where you have to go in and build every run you have and load your own vehicle because the loaders are doing what they do best... nothing. The 6 week training program is a lie you will be on your own before the week is out and if your not back before 12 every day you face disciplinary action. I could go on much longer but I'll leave it there do yourself a favour and do not work here they can't even get agency drivers to come in.Good moneyEverything else"

Class 2 Driver (Former Employee) says

"Are you a class 2 driver on top of your game? Then look elsewhere. However, do you like to be worked like a ragged dog? Welcome. Working alongside the incompetent distribution teams you'll drive in one of the most professionally unreliable fleets in the country. Our awful vehicles do not have state of the art telematics, sat nav and tracking systems. In fact we say this just to hook people in. Our mentally and physically broken teams are dedicated to delivering in full and on time in a relentless, back breaking, sweat inducing, stressful, thankless multi drop role. And when we say multi drop we mean multiple multiples multi drop. Join us and be proud to give your soul, in some direction to the clueless, suit wearing, desk framing higher ups. #clueless Warburtons. A family company. But you’re like the second cousin, on your aunts side, twice removed, distant relative, forgotten one, who now has developed a limp and the first signs of a hump after the heavy, long days, back busting workload.SalaryEverything else"